Sound Wealth Management Program

One of the primary concerns investors have about investing is paying commissions. The industry has evolved around this worry with many financial planners setting a fixed annual percentage fee based on the dollar value of assets under management.

The Sound Asset Management Program features custom portfolio management by Sound Asset Management Inc. aimed at achieving superior total returns, as well as related financial planning. Clients also have access to tax planning, tax preparation, and other financial services to achieve an "All-In-One" financial advisory experience.

Investments Include:

  • US & International Stocks
  • US & International ETFs & Mutual Funds
  • Money Market & Bond Funds

Benefits of the Sound Asset Wealth Management Program include

  • Monthly Statements from Fidelity Investments
  • Quarterly Sound Asset Management Summary featuring consolidated reports of all accounts
  • Online viewing access at
  • Investment Management by Sound Asset Management, Inc. (see track record)
  • Roadmap to Retirement financial analysis
  • Access to a full line of CPA and CFP services
  • Advisor Meetings & Performance Reviews as desired

At Sound Asset Management we have over $31,000,000 under management under the following fee structure:

Annual Asset Management Fee

  • First $1,000,000.............1.00%
  • Over $1,000,000.............0.80%
  • Over $5,000,000.............0.60%
  • Minimum Annual Fee is $4,000.

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