How Our Services are provided...

Step 1:We meet to discuss your goals and general financial situation. We discuss our investment philosophy, research methods and our track record and answer any questions you might have. (There is no-charge for this meeting.)
Step 2: If you decide you want to engage Sound Asset Management as your financial advisor, we begin the simple process of transferring your accounts to our custodian.
Step 3: After further discussions together, we prepare forecasts of your financial future based on various assumptions. Then we prepare specific asset allocation and investment recommendations for your review.
Step 4:Once we agree upon the specific investments that are most appropriate for achieving your goals, Sound Asset Management implements the plan.
Step 5: We monitor performance on an on-going basis and make adjustments as necessary. Clients receive monthly statements from the custodian, quarterly reports from Sound Asset Management, and have internet access available as well. Regular meetings are held with clients to review the investment strategy.

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